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Greece is a country which is rich in culture. Traditions, music, language, wine and foods are all major parts of the Greek culture which leave a amazing impression on all tourists that visit it. The most significant aspect of Greece culture is its language.

Instead of culture there are many more attractions which Greece offers to all the visitors.

The folk traditions, which are more intersing in the country and closely related to the seasons of the year. Singing folk songs and dancing is not only the country's people holidays but it put some cheerfullness to their workdays too. There are many types of great dance is performed by the country's people.

1. old style dance include: jumping dances: solo or couple dances accompanied by old style music, shepherd and other solo man's dances from Transylvania, and marching dances along with remnants of medieval weapon dances belong in this group.

2. New style dance include:Verbunk, a solo man's dance evolved from the recruiting performances of the Austro-Hungarian army.

Greece is also popular for its calm and smooth beaches,towering monuments, advanced culture, and delicious dining. The most outstanding aspect of greece is tis ancient history. The historical monuments reflect the whole civilisation and culture in Greece.Athens is the capital of Greece which also has many historical monuments. There are many historical monuments like Acropolis tower, Parliament building, Theatre of Dionysos and many museums, churches and other architectural buildings.

Greece travel guide also covers all the famous hotels, restaurants and bars . In Greece many kinds of Classy hotels are made for your stay with all details. All these hotels provides good facilities and here price are also good.

While enjoying your tours of Greece don't forget about taking a cruise. Right-travel allow tourist to go diving and hiking explore historical sites, shop and enjoy the nightlife. Those wanting a more physically demanding trip can take a mountain biking or hiking tour in the mountains of northern Greek. Day tours are more popular because they allow you to find out more advanture in Greece like archeological site, Delphi.

Right-Travel provides a wide variety of Greece Packages to meet all of your Greece Holiday needs. We offer Greece Vacation Packages that focus on the Greek Islands or on the historic cities of Athens, Olympia, Delphi and more. Greece is located in southern Europe and is filled with charm and beauty. No Greece Tour would be complete without visiting Athens.

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Those wanting a more physically demanding trip can take a mountain biking or hiking tour in the mountains of northern Greek.

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